I. access ac‧cess 1 [ˈækses] noun [uncountable]
1. MARKETING the right to sell goods to a particular market or country without breaking any laws or agreements:
access to

• Japan agreed to allow foreign manufacturers of satellite equipment equal access to the Japanese market.

2. COMPUTING the way in which you are able to find information held on a computer:
access to

• In order to simplify access to the data, the computer program enables users to specify their own requirements.

diˌrect ˈaccess COMPUTING
a system of storing information on a computer which makes it possible to go directly to a particular piece of information without sorting through all the records
3. when you are allowed to see official documents:
direct access to

• The National Union of Teachers has proposed that parents should have access to their children's files.

4. the ability to buy a product or make use of a service:

• The move is intended to widen the access to credit.

• Many poorer residents have no access to health care.

5. the right to remove money from where it is invested in order to use it:

• Policyholders often feel more confident if they have access to their funds.

  [m0] II. access access 2 verb [transitive]
1. COMPUTING to find information, especially on a computer:

• The software enables each client to access data from other databases.

2. to be able to use something:

• Many customers now access their accounts using the internet.

* * *

access UK US /ˈækses/ noun [U]
the right or opportunity to use or receive something: get/have/provide access to sth »

Community radio stations have access to public funding.


Everyone is entitled to fair access to employment.

the right or ability to look at documents and information: allow/grant/give sb access to sth »

She was granted access to the official archives.

gain access to sth »

You can gain access to your records via this website.

deny/restrict access to sth »

They planned to restrict access to their website content with the use of a subscription system.


Merchants have online access to their product data.


Auditors have unrestricted access to all records.

IT the ability to use a system such as the internet, or the way in which you can do this: access to sth »

Do you have access to the internet?


Business travellers expect free internet access.


broadband/wireless access

the method or possibility of getting to or entering a place: access to sth »

The site has easy access to the motorway.


The premises are equipped for disabled access.

COMMERCE the right or ability to buy and sell goods in a particular country or market: access to sth »

Our website gives us access to global markets.

BANKING the right to use a bank account, or to remove money from a bank account or an investment: access to sth »

Some accounts allow instant access to your savings.

LAW the legal right to see your child or children, or other family member, especially after a divorce: access to sb »

Many fathers go to court to seek access to their children.

See also OPEN-ACCESS(Cf. ↑open-access), WHEELCHAIR ACCESS(Cf. ↑wheelchair access)
access UK US /ˈækses/ verb [T]
IT to open a computer file or to use a computer system such as the internet: »

Many users now access the internet via their mobile phones.


I can access my email remotely.

BANKING to look at a bank account, and be able to move money into or out of it: »

You can access your account online or by phone.

to be able to get or use something, especially a service: »

We advise staff on how to access appropriate training.

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